See below for our range of Stockpot saucepans available to buy below. Our stockpot size selection ranges from 20cm right up to 28cm. Larger stockpots are available seasonally mainly in the run up to Christmas, when one needs to cook large items such as Christmas hams that do not fit into standard sized saucepans. Stockpots are mainly always double handled which makes for ease of carrying when full. They also come with either stainless steel vented lids of glass vented lids and come in mirror polished finishes and more matt satin finishes.

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Prestige Circulon Infinite Saucepans - 24CM Stockpot
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Circulon Infinite Saucepans - 24CM Stockpot

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Berghoff Studio Line 24cm 2 Piece Steamer

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Anolon Authority 20cm Stockpot
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Anolon Authority 24cm Stockpot

Other Uses for Stockpots

Stock pots are used to derive stocks traditionally from meat type foods; e.g. boiling a chicken in water leaves you with wonderful flavoursome chicken stocks to use as a base for delicious gravy, soups and sauces. You can also boil bones with meat remainder to derive wonderful stocks which can be frozen and used in recipes. Given their traditional uses stockpots tend to be larger and taller and dual handled compared to a normal kitchen saucepan.

Nowadays we use stockpots as an extension to a saucepan. We make soups, jams, stews and much more in them. They can also be used with steamer inserts converting them into steamers or multi steamers. You can even use larger stock pots to make homemade jam. The taller sides of the stockpot are ideal to allow jam to achieve a rolling boil without stressing about it boiling over. They are also very handy when catering to larger crowds and can be successfully used to make larger quantities of recipes.

Always buy stockpots with thick thermic bases which are on the heavy side. They transfer the heat more evenly to inside of the pot and avoid hotspots and food burning in spots. While it is tempting to purchase cheaper thin and light saucepans from the supermarkets the performance will not be the same and it will more than likely need to be replaced ultimately costing you more in the long run.