Oven to Table Dishes

All chefs require their trappings in order to prepare and present that perfect meal and Le Creuset cookware presents quality pieces such as mixing jugs and pestle & mortars, which assist them in bringing their vision to the table. In addition Denby, Pyrex and Stellar have also launched ranges of beautiful oven to table dishes such as ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and glass roasters, lasagne dishes, ramekins, pie dishes, flan dishes and much more.

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Denby Halo Square Dish
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Denby Halo Square Dish

Le Creuset Oven to Table Stoneware

The famous French brand’s stoneware pieces are genuinely all-in-one dishes, allowing you to bake, slice, serve and stow. Le Creuset stoneware is forged from a type of clay which has been fired at particularly high heat to produce durable, chip-resistant material that is capable of withstanding day-to-day use. A great variety of dishes, mugs, serving dishes, bowls, and plates are crafted from this substance due to its durable strength. To add to the style and individuality of each piece, they are often tinted with a coloured or clear glaze and re-fired.

Much of the Le Creuset bakeware and oven to tableware stoneware is left un-tinted as well. Stoneware is often mistaken for earthenware, which is a related class of pottery. Earthenware, however, is fired at a subordinate degree of heat, thereby making it less durable and somewhat less dependable for daily use.The Le Creuset selection is designed to assist you in delivering any meal to the table in an elegant fashion. Their stoneware is adaptable and gorgeous, and will certainly highlight any of your creations. Examine the exquisite Le Creuset heart shaped dish range in their fabulous red Cerise finish. These items are forged to give the clear message that the image of love on the outside reflects the love which went into the finished product within.

Le Creuset Oven to Tableware dishes are:

  • Suitable for use in the oven up to 260°C / 500°F and under the grill/broiler
  • Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher safe
  • Easy clean, enamelled scratch resistant surfaces
  • Totally hygienic cooking surface, will not absorb odours or flavours
  • Strong and durable. Resists staining, chipping and cracking.
  • Easy to hold, sure grip handles, knobs and rims
  • For expert craftsmanship merged with style and functionality, look no further than Le Creuset cookware