Kitchen Devil Control Curved Paring Knife

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Kitchen Devil Control Curved Paring Knife 603013

Also known as the curvy cutter its small curved blade is great for peeling and slicing fruit and vegetables.

The Control range has been developed by Fiskars for Kitchen Devil and is a collection to be desired!   A really great choice for any cook or aspiring chef to get their hands on.  With a lightweight, ergonomically-shaped handle that fits comfortably into your hand. Extra safe with a large finger stop and a soft easy grip handle giving you superior comfort and helps prevent hands from slipping. The ultra-sharp taper ground blades are made from high quality Japanese steel for long-lasting excellence.

The kitchen devil control knives are guaranteed for 15 years, giving you peace of mind.

Dishwasher safe but remember it is best to remove as soon as you can and dry carefully to get your knives in the best condition.

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