Le Creuset Cast Iron Pizza Plate - Black

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Le Creuset Cast Iron Pizza Plate is perfect for creating the perfect crisp pizza for all the family. Cooking on a Cast Iron pizza pan is quick and only takes 10 minutes for the base to cook to an even crisp finish. The secret for the perfect pizza lies in achieving really high heat  quickly and because cast iron distributes and retains heat evenly the Le Creuset Cast Iron Pizza Pan is the perfect cookware piece for making your crisp pizza bases. The pizza pan has a diameter of 32cm making it ideal for family-sized pizzas. The Le Creuset Pizza plate is also verry versatile it can also be used as a sizzle platter on the hob. The black enamel interior coating especially designed to withstand high temperatures also means the pizza just slides off the pan after it is cooked. And because at Le Creuset we believe in concentrating on the finer details, our pizza pan has easy-assist handles on each side to make removing the pizza from the oven easy. The Pizza Pan is suitable for all hob types (including ceramic, halogen, induction, gas and oil or wood) and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 

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