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FC-110 Foilcutter

Designed according to strict ergonomic principles, the Le Creuset foil cutter boasts the classic, patented four wheel design, as well as excellent leverage and a whopping five year warranty. This means that you will never again have to worry about mauling the capsule of an expensive bottle of wine ever again. Wine aficionados and restaurant owners will be quick to tell you that sloppy removal of the crown foil is a faux pas which instantly marks you as an amateur, as is complete removal of the capsule (a fairly recent trend which should ideally be nipped in the bud as quickly as possible). Wine consumption tradition dictates that only the crown foil be removed and that this be done cleanly, without any ragged edges. Doing so demonstrates that you have respect for the manufacturer and their product. The conventional serrated edge knife that forms a part of a smaller, waiter-sized wine opener does the job, but with a foil cutter everything is a lot easier, quicker and cleaner. No more fumbling to adjust the angle or unwanted tears on the capsule. The Le Creuset Foil Cutter truly is an indispensable tool for the wine lover and truly one of the very best foil cutters available on the <h='http://www.shopcookware.ie/wine-openers--accessories/172cat.aspx' class='seo_link'>wine accessoriesmarket today. Invest in one now and revolutionise your wine drinking experience!

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