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Everyday WA-126 Cooler Sleeve For 75CL Bottles

When it comes to wine accessories, the Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve is a must have. The cooler sleeve accommodates most wine and sparkling wine bottles and performs the function of maintaining a stable, cool temperature of wines, even when you are on the go. Very efficient, it cools your wine in just a few minutes and keeps it cold for hours. The cooling efficiency is reinforced by elastic sides and a tapered top which provide a snug fit on the bottle. Its universal size fits all standard 75cl bottles of wine and Champagne. The Mini Cooler fits all mini sized 30-50cl bottles, and its small size means it's easy to pack into a picnic basket. Both products are very durable, can't be pierced easily and are resistant to cracking and staining. Store the Cooler Sleeve in the freezer when not in use - that way it is instantly cool and ready when you need it. Any wine aficionado will tell you that serving a wine at a temperature above or below the suggested ideal is not a great idea. Serving a wine warmer or cooler can substantially alter the bouquet, as well as the palate of most wines and, in short, rob the drinker of the true experience. While it is easy enough to keep your wines at the correct temperature at home, doing so when you are on the go is a whole different matter. Invest in a Cooler Sleeve today and ensure that you never have this problem again.

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