Le Creuset Wine Opener - Everyday Activ-ball TM-200 Table Model-Black

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Activ-ball TM-200 Table Model

5 year guarantee! The range of Le Creuset corkscrews are the result of a revolutionary design by oilman Herbert Allen, a prolific Texan inventor. Born into a working class family, Allen proceeded to make a name (and sizable fortune) for himself by creating tools for the oil industry and designing jet engine parts. He first tasted wine when he travelled to Europe in 1951 and quickly became his journey as enthusiastic oenophile. Over the next 20 years Allen proceeded to build one of the most impressive wine collections in the state of Texas and soon became obsessed with finding a less frustrating and cumbersome manner in which to open his prize wines. The result was the very first version of the Le Creuset range of <h='http://www.shopcookware.ie/wine-openers--accessories/172cat.aspx' class='seo_link'> wine openers. Today the Le Creuset range has been developed to include a variety of wine-related accessories, including the much-loved Activ-ball collection. Easy to handle, convenient and easy to use, the Activ-ball collection has been designed to include a patented double-helix system and Activ-ball technology. The patented corkscrew removes the cork from the bottle, then the red ball ? the Activ-Ball? - pushes it right back off the screw. No more twisting or pulling. The unique internal flex system grips the bottle neck in just the right place; in short, the Activ-ball range is everything a wine enthusiast demands in wine opening accessories.

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