Nespresso is a hugely successful global brand which we are delighted to be part of. Nespresso produces the highest quality coffee from pod to cup. This is a smart stylish coffee machine which is supported with an exclusive personalised service from the Nespresso coffee club. We sell Nespresso machines from top manufactures such as Krups, Magimix, Delonghi and the long awaited Kitchenaid Nespresso machine which has just come on the market. Please note Nespresso coffee capsules are only available from the Nespresso Boutiques available in a limited number of locations in Ireland (Dublin and Cork). We recommend purchasing your Nespresso coffee over the phone or online from the Nespresso Coffee Club. It’s a quick and easy process. Please note you must save your receipts and serial codes and manufacturer codes to register your Nespresso Machine with Nespresso. In order to prolong the life of your new machine we recommend you only use the official coffee pods available to buy directly from Nespresso and if you live in a hard water area please descale the machine regularly. Descale kits for the machines are available to buy online